Getting Rid Of Moths In The Pantry

Lay down sticky traps around the cupboard pantry.

Getting rid of moths in the pantry. This step by step process is an easy thorough way to get rid of kitchen moths. To get rid of pantry moths start by taking everything out of your pantry and throwing away any food that contains eggs larvae or adult moths. Although finding an infestation of kitchen cupboard moths isn t pleasant once you know how to get rid of moths in the kitchen you can take steps to remove the problem.

Also known as indian meal moths pantry moths are popular in the u s. Get rid of them without the use of pesticides. These type of winged insects eat flour and grain products.

There s plenty you can do to get rid of moths to keep them from ever breeding and snacking in your home again. Old fashioned fly strips don t contain attractants but can still work. Getting rid of pantry moths is not an easy task it is laborious but you need to do it fast.

Then vacuum out your pantry using a hose attachment. Even if it s a minor problem that hasn t yet escalated to a full blown infestation take these steps to get rid of pantry moths and prevent them from ever returning. In fact many of.

How to get rid of pantry moths. Empty the pantry. What are pantry moths.

You ve just encountered the indian meal moth perhaps the most common among the pantry pests these moths can infest bags or boxes of flour grains dried beans seeds nuts cereals baking chocolate cake mixes rice nuts dried fruit dog food birdseed teas herbs spices potpourri mixtures and even decorative wreaths that include nuts fruits and or. How to get rid of moths in the house or the pantry involves first removing everything from the pantry shelving including all food items and shelf liners. Eliminate the main source of infestation.

When you re done vacuuming scrub the inside of your pantry with soap and hot water. The things below help get rid of adult pantry moths in your home. Freeze treatment for getting rid pantry moths from your house.

They are a bit more unsightly. And are most commonly found in pantries and cupboards. Place the remaining items in airtight containers and freeze them for one week to kill any eggs.

Moths aren t terribly dangerous household pests. Put all of your open and easily accessible goods into the freezer for a few days to kill the moth eggs that are already present. The following are methods which could help you fight pantry moths and reclaim your territory.

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