How Much Is It To Refinish A Dining Room Table

A basic dining room chair strip and refinish will cost between 125 200.

How much is it to refinish a dining room table. Refinish dining room table set. So we set them up in our dining room scuffs and all and called it good. Dining room table measuring approximately 3 feet by 5 feet.

Refinishing costs can range from 140 to 1 300 but homeowners typically pay from 325 to 850 for this kind of work. Note that this is not just an addition of the individual prices above. Most of our projects for refinishing dining tables range between 400 00 to 700 00.

I was six months pregnant at the time so i knew it wouldn t be refinishing the set anytime soon. Well here we are more than a year later and i decided it was finally time to refinish the table. One dining room chair.

Instead a professional will give discounts based on how the items fit together and how many of them can be done at once. I scored the table with two leaves and six matching chairs for only 50. While one customer may need to refinish dining room chairs another might desire a new look for a china cabinet or armoire.

Sometimes we can just refinish the top if the base is in good condition or even apply a wet sand technique without stripping off the finish depending on the current state of the table and the option the customer chooses. A basic coffee table strip and refinish will cost between 150 250. Note that dining room chairs usually come in batches of six and require more labor than you might think.

The size of the metal furniture is the main cost influence. Expect to pay between 1 000 and 3 000 for work on your entire dining room. Types of furniture their refinishing prices.

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