Also i show you an easy paint distressing technique to make new furniture look old.

How to build a pantry door. It s based around a built in bookcase with half glass doors that allow for more attractive food items to be displayed while clunkier objects are kept hidden away. Whether you re thinking of a full fledged kitchen makeover or just making a few tiny tweaks to freshen up your kitchen and get organized these pantry door ideas span the spectrum from crafty diy chalkboard paint to statement making barn doors for a fresh farmhouse aesthetic. This is just another generic mundane interior door or it was before a creative type added a coat of bold color paint and a touch of blackboard paint in a central area.

This pantry has high end looks with a diy concept. This old screen door which came from a farm with a family connection to the homeowner went from dilapidated to dynamic with a little imagination and elbow grease. We don t care that much for now and it s just a pantry door so the rougher look on the back is fine with us.

My friends asked me to design and build a farmhouse pantry door with glass for their house. In this case you can install a simple sliding door to make your pantry more interesting. After all the hinge is installed above the door and not on the wall.

When it comes to diy pantry door designs the sky is your limit you can put anything you want that matches your needs design preference and individual style. Custom shelving in a nook. In this instructable i show you how to build a diy farmhouse pantry door with glass using 2x6s.

The diyer who created this pantry shelving project made use of a natural stepback in the house s layout to create pantry shelving flush to the wall. Pantry door is the one that gets overlooked often than any other element in the kitchen while renovating. Let s say that you have a white pantry.

Many home designers recommend the homeowners to do experiment with the pantry door and avoid sticking to the basic design. If you wanted to make the back of yours pretty you would simply repeat the first few steps and join them to the back of your door complete with more trim if you like. The pantry may be a kitchen necessity but that doesn t mean it has to be boring.

Like i do with most of my projects i started by creating a 3d model. You may want your pantry to be a separate room or you may want it to be a walk in where you can add doors to make it look like it is a built in cabinet to create uniformity in your kitchen or you can simply add a curtain to separate the space. A burlap panel filled in the top screen while the bottom screen got a makeover with hand stenciled masonite.

With a little bit creativity you can do things to your pantry door to make it more interesting. This great pantry door manages to hide the goods behind it while also calling attention to itself all. Now you may notice that our door is a little rough on the back.

There are several different approaches to creating the perfect pantry design to fit your needs. You can also create a diy pantry door if you want to give it a more personal touch. A simple sliding door is it takes minimal space to the pantry.

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