Where there s food there might be critters hey pests like to eat just as we do.

How to get rid of pantry bugs. Ants are one of the most common kitchen nuisances perhaps because they live in large groups and enter through doors and windows. Pantry pest traps represent the simplest and most effective solution for getting rid of pantry pests including moth and beetle product pests in kitchens pantries bathrooms warehouses and food processing plants. First throw out all infested foods.

Pantry pest traps are generally constructed of cardboard or paper lined on the inside with pheromone impregnated glue strip. Pay special attention to any flour rice and grain packages which pantry bugs like to eat. To get rid of pantry bugs start by inspecting all of the food packages in your pantry for tiny black or brown bugs.

Here s the lowdown on the most common pantry pests and how to get rid of bugs in your pantry that bug you. How to get rid of pests. Like most pantry pests imms are tiny enough to burrow through mesh and to slide through tiny gaps in bags.

How to get rid of indian meal moths. Be sure to store flour the right way in airtight. Some pantry pests can easily bore through waxed paper plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

If you spot an ant don t be surprised if you do need to call an.

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