How To Get Rid Of Pantry Moths In Garage

Pantry moth infestation control part 2 as we said in part 1 once you see one pantry moth flying around your kitchen it s time to focus on getting rid of all the pantry moths you haven t seen yet by now the pantry moths have moved from egg to larvae to pupae and now you have adult pantry moths.

How to get rid of pantry moths in garage. Remember one of the how the moths get into the garage is from the eggs that got into the packages when the seeds or potting soil were being packed. Once you have them you ll want to get rid of pantry moths as soon as you can because they really are a pest. Read pantry moths life cycle and tips to get rid of pantry moths part 2 to cover pantry moth infestations and tips to control pantry moths.

You ve just encountered the indian meal moth perhaps the most common among the pantry pests these moths can infest bags or boxes of flour grains dried beans seeds nuts cereals baking chocolate cake mixes rice nuts dried fruit dog food birdseed teas herbs spices potpourri mixtures and even decorative wreaths that include nuts fruits and or. What are pantry moths. Seed moths refer to infested bird seeds such as black oil sunflower nyjer seed millet and even parrot seeds often are infected by bird seed moths and still fall in the family of pantry moths.

Then vacuum out your pantry using a hose attachment. To get rid of pantry moths start by taking everything out of your pantry and throwing away any food that contains eggs larvae or adult moths. Cleaning your pantry and food packaging gets rid of pantry moth larvae and eggs.

The things below help get rid of adult pantry moths in your home. You need to combine this with killing adult moths before they have a chance to lay eggs that start the 30 300 day life cycle again. Getting rid of pantry moths.

Pantry moths also known as kitchen moths cupboard moths cake moths bird seed moths and garage moths.

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