Ahhh i love my pantry.

How to make a pantry shelf. Total time to make a small pantry. Since we had almost everything else on hand the pantry itself did not cost much to make. Use a measuring tape long level and pencil to mark the location of your shelves.

Then i cut five more so total of ten for the front trim pieces that will go under the shelves in the front. Although they re still tbp to be painted i m so excited to share how we built pantry shelving for our beach house. With the design materials and walls ready it was time to start building the pantry closet shelving.

Cut the back pantry shelf supports from the 1x2s to the same size as your wood pantry shelves. The top four shelves are 11 inches deep. They show you how to make shelves that span the entire length of the pantry s walls on either side meeting in the order on specific measurements to create a wrapping effect that gives you consistent shelving space all the way around.

I cut five 1x2s at 29 for my back supports. The underside of a stairwell is often considered dead space making it a favorite spot to create additional storage when working on home organization whether you opt for simple open shelves or the more elaborate custom doors as shown here building a pantry tucked beneath a stairway makes the most of this unused space and expands your food storage options. This kitchen pantry makes our lives easier and provides much needed space which to us is invaluable.

Next cut the 1 2 side supports. Cut the 1 2 pantry shelf supports to size. The pantry shelves were the most expensive part and came out to approximately 175.

You ll want to measure a the 1 x 3 to finish off the front. Diy pantry shelves total cost. There are still empty shelves in here and i cleaned out all the food from the kitchen cupboards and one shelf from the linen closet that s next to the pantry in the hallway isn t that amazing.

In total making pantry took me 2 days to frame and drywall a day to hang the slab door 2 person job a day to hang trim molding and paint a day to stain and poly the wood shelves and pantry door and a day to attach the shelves. Mdf sheets and 1 x 2 boards and the process can easily be adapted to just about any space where you want to add some custom storage bedrooms playrooms living rooms etc. Use a stud finder to locate the studs to.

How to build pantry shelves trim we really loved the whole vintage cubbie look and the polished finish the front ledge gave our pantry so we decided to add this final step. Cutting wood for the pantry closet shelves. How to build your own pantry system.

Custom pantry cubby shelves. We figured out a great solution for the third wall of the pantry that doesn t have shelving on it we built a shelf between studs. Using several pieces of scrap 2 x 8 birch plywood i cut out 5 pantry shelves each approximately 37 x 14 25.

The shallow shelves make it easier to locate items at or above eye level.

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