How To Make A Resin Dining Room Table

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How to make a resin dining room table. Ideal for furniture makers and keen diyers who need detailed. Resin furniture has become a style a trend and a source of inspiration for a new way of thinking. Additionally i show you how to apply each finish how i decide which to use.

This is a coffe table i made out of pine 2x6s with a 1 4 inch raised edges and the n i poured 2 part epoxy resin into it. How to use a router and resin to create an inlay. Air bubbles and splashes should be avoided when pouring.

I currently use each of these finishes on the custom made furniture and art pieces i make for my clients be sure to visit my blog and. I ve made dozens of epoxy tables and each time i learn something new and this build was no exception. How to make an epoxy table with simple tools.

With any good makeover we have to start from the beginning and show a before photo. Watch our video for a step by step guide to making a coffee table with a pigmented resin river. Epoxy resin dining room table.

Learn from my mistakes. Follow along my step by step gu. Thinking back brings up fond memories since it was the week of my wedding when i found her in someone s trash pile.

Step 4 pouring the table top. To make your own table you must always keep an eye on the room temperature. I am not kidding when i tell you that i ve had this dining room table in my garage for over 4 years waiting for a makeover.

But what is resin exactly and how to define it. It sat in their formal dining room and was hardly ever used. I also placed in a middle of the table a 1 4 inch thick metal piece spirit of detroit that i bought from a local artist.

These finishes work great for new epoxy table tops epoxy resin artwork and to resurface existing table tops. It must not be colder than 20 degrees celsius even when curing from your table. The epoxy resin must then be poured into the mould from four different sides in parallel.

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