Your typical upper cabinets in this situation can sometimes be an eyesore.

How to turn a closet into a pantry. Get ready to get organized. I am sharing our closet turned pantry and i am joining some creative friends who are also sharing 20 organizing ideas. Really love the labeled baskets also.

If anyone else has or had a 9 pantry cabinet you will feel my pain. One option is to turn an extra closet into a pantry. Can t wait to get started on mine.

There s hooks under the upper shelf for coats boots were stored below and hats and mittens on the shelf. Having a pantry in the kitchen is a great way to save space and store your food dishes and other domestic utensils and equipment. We decided to move pantry items into this closet.

So how to store your dishes and pantry items. Some small apartments don t have separate kitchens but rather small kitchenettes in the corner of the living or dining room. To convert a closet into a pantry make sure your closet is dark dry cool and empty.

I never would have thought to use gift wrap on the wall for a pop of color and a nice background pattern. Not the closest thing to the kitchen but it was a pantry. This pine cupboard made by her dad was once located inside her entryway door and used as a coat and boot closet.

You might consider turning a coat closet into a pantry most coat closets are pretty well suited to a pantry conversion and reversion if you re. We ve thoroughly researched the best approach to converting your closet into a pantry start to finish. We have a closet under the stairs in the middle of our kitchen that is the perfect place to turn into a temporary pantry.

Her circumstances changed and no longer used it as a coat closet so i suggested we turn it into a pantry. Everything you need to get your home organized. With only 2 small cabinets to store food i am definitely planning to turn the closet into a pantry and this is exactly what i had in mind.

The deep fixed shelves were hard to organize and items kept getting lost in the back. 21 amazing organizing ideas. Not all kitchens are equipped with a pantry however especially small apartments that are short on space.

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