Paint Colors For Open Concept Kitchen And Living Room

Here is an example of how to paint an open concept space with more than one color.

Paint colors for open concept kitchen and living room. Below are excellent examples of open living room and kitchens you can take inspiration from. One way to do this is to connect colors through their families such as pairing blues with blues or whites on whites. Paint the area with a color.

When the secondary colors are mixed they produce tertiary colors. Green orange and purple violet are secondary. Red blue and yellow.

Apply shades of the same color. For example it s fine to paint a seldom used enclosed dining room with screaming color. Choose a neutral color to join the rooms without overwhelming the furniture and architectural elements.

You aren t limited to neutral paint with an open floor plan but you should stick with muted colors. Aug 4 2019 open concept kitchen ideas open concept kitchen design open concept kitchen in small house open concept kitchen small open concept kitchen with island open concept kitchen and living room open concept kitchen and family room open concept kitchen and dining open concept kitchen and living room paint colors open concept kitchen and living room colors open concept kitchen. Classic french style cabinets in a powder blue and white creates a light and refreshing atmosphere.

Choose a main color check the paint samples for two lighter shades of the same color. Then add color with pictures and accessories. Back splashes and the backs of shelving units are good places to use the boldest color or the accent wall color.

I would pick out a color from the countertop and stay on the saturated side deeper color as you have a lot of white cabinets if you don t want to go with white. Try to spread the colors throughout the space to create balance. Their home is an excellent example of color that effectively flows from room to room creating spaces that are dramatic and comfortable.

On a color wheel there are three primary colors. If you like accent walls maybe the family room wall with the 2 windows could be a dark grey. Brick clad fireplace and wooden beams add texture and depth to the design.

Color theory basics you know that red yellow and blue are the primary colors. Im not feeling the white as your countertops and backsplash have brown tones. Join the kitchen and living room.

Spreading the bold color out around the space will add visual flow and balance. Paint the area with the main color.

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