Should I Paint My Kitchen And Living Room The Same Color

These include bathrooms closets and sometimes stairways.

Should i paint my kitchen and living room the same color. I m so excited to have found your blog. To create a successful flow you need to tap into the basic elements of design. When deciding on a paint color for your open living room kitchen keep in mind that it should be able to tie together the two spaces without seeming over repetitive.

Paint the walls of the kitchen and great room the same color to blend choppy architectural details or preserve the sense of openness in a small multifunctional space. It looks just like my dining room and living room. Rooms that have lower ceilings with less surface area are the most commonly painted to match.

It should be able to match or complement the colors used both the living room and the kitchen. If you have very high ceilings you may also want to paint them the same color as the walls. I painted my walls this same bm color and really really love it.

Kristie also advised me on the type and color of tile i should use for a kitchen backsplash i was planning. You can harmoniously paint a kitchen and dining room in completely different colors by experimenting with colors close together on the color wheel called analogous colors. Color shape scale light texture pattern and balance.

Begin with the biggest room or.

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