Staples To Have In Your Pantry

They re basic versatile ingredients that are used frequently are usually fairly inexpensive and have a long shelf life pantry refrigerator or freezer.

Staples to have in your pantry. Here a master list of 27 pantry staples to always have on hand plus how to cook with them. Onions are the unsung foundation of many a delicious meal and thankfully they ll last for weeks in a cool dark pantry. Keep reading to understand how to make your pantry staples last longer.

We suggest stowing cannellini kidney black navy and garbanzo beans. Sure the more different things you have the more options you give yourself when cooking. No pantry is complete without a few cans or pouches of water packed tuna.

Then go to town on these budget friendly dishes that all start with a can of beans. A food writer s tips on how to cook from your pantry. If you have bags of items such as flour pancake mix and cereal you should keep those bags sealed even after you have opened them.

Healthy staples to have in your kitchen. Tuna can help add healthy omega 3 fats and protein to a variety of dishes including salads. Beans really are the magic fruit.

You don t need to have all these things to have a well stocked pantry. If you want to know how to make your pantry staples last a bit longer check out the following list of things you need to do.

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