Why Is Kitchen And Bathroom Paint Different

However a kitchen will require task lighting for the food prep areas where a bathroom will need a different type of task lighting for the makeup station for instance.

Why is kitchen and bathroom paint different. From new neutrals to bold hues these paint colour trends will make your home look and feel brand new. Most paints have crossover abilities. The new generation of kitchen and bath enamels come in satin eggshell even in matte.

In the living room i prefer a velvety matt finish with a semi gloss trim. A few people make it know but its all probably based on the same thing. New decade new you and it all starts at home.

Kitchen and bathroom. Cost of bathroom paint vs. You can expect to pay about as much as or a little more than premium standard paint or about 50 to 60 per gallon.

Plus the satin version of the regular behr paint was better at hiding in one coat and didn t show signs of gloss change when cleaned as much as its kitchen and bath version. Both the kitchen and the bathroom need to have layers of light this aspect is important to create different feelings and moods in the space. As far as wall paint goes an elegant eggshell for the primary bedroom and something more durable such as a semi gloss for the kitchen bathroom and kid s rooms.

Semi gloss paint will protect the walls well but many people find the glare of the semigloss offensive. Bathrooms and kitchens alike are exposed to water steam or splashes. In some instances paint companies have responded by creating niche paints for several rooms and surfaces of the house.

The original k b paint was made by dulux i beleive and it is no more than acrylic eggshell. Bathroom paint tends to be at the high end of interior paints excluding overpriced designer paints. Firlsy dont be fooled by the hype kitchen and bathroom paint isnt the only paint you can use in kitchen and bathrooms.

Different areas of the house have different microclimates and thus need different types of paint. Few recommendations are absolutes.

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